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Time to embrace Palazzo Pants!

Wednesday 10th May, 2017

So, another Summer season is approaching and that sunshine is very slowly and very gradually beginning to spread its warmth onto our skin and allow us to eventually break out the Summer wardrobe. I have been desperately fighting against the freezing temperatures in an attempt to not give in to unpacking the winter woolies again and one morning this month I did in fact de-ice the car in a summer dress and denim jacket and not in the winter clobber I should have had on but I've already put it away and am willing on the Summer climate as much as everyone. At last, today, I am pleased to report I could remove my little jacket and for the first time this week have not watched my hands turn blue or lost feeling in my exposed toes. This pedicure cost me money as I started to get my feet Summer ready and so I will expose them for all to see, I perhaps though should have chosen a better shade match to a shade of blue so it complimented the colour of my feet better!


Anyway, what should we be embracing this Summer...well as a personal shopper and stylist I will always try and encourage my clients to step out of their comfort zone on a couple of pieces and ensure they have a few statement items in their wadrobe that make them feel super special and this season I must say, Palazzo Pants are absolutely a statement piece must. They have been edging their way into high street stores for the last few Summers now and they are here again this season with a huge variety of choice, colour, prints and prices!


This is a great chance for ensuring your trouser options this summer can go beyond jeans, shorts and leggings. How many of you feel like you are stuck in that denim rut and want something different but are in fear of exposing those very unsummer ready legs! So why invest in some glorious colourful Palazzo Pants...well here's my list of why they can't be avoided this season:


1) They aren't jeans or leggings! Yipee! Ditch the leggings!


2) They are totally lightweight so incredibly cool to wear on summer days, no sweaty legs. Phew!


3) The wide legs mean they hide anything we are insecure about and avoids sweaty patches (as a result of point above) when it gets too hot...although no chance of that quite at the moment!


4) They come in amazing bold prints and colours so encourages you to inject some colour in your outfit and they are your statement piece so everything else is easy. Plain vest, plain tee, plain jacket...let your pants do all the talking.


5) They are great for those picnics in the park with Prosecco flowing, as they allow you to keep your dignity, which we all know can sometimes be a right faff with skirts and dresses. So, you can relax and be comfortable without worrying that someone may have just noticed you are well overdue your next bikini wax.


6) The floaty feel of these trousers will no doubt leave you feeling glamourous as you sashay down to the shops, off on the school run or around the pool on holiday, and who doesnt want to ooze glamour. (Although take care on escalators...someone did share a somewhat worrying story of catching their beloved palazzo pants in the escalator teeth which resulted in a panicked tussle and some shredded pants...not quite the look we are going for but all fashion comes with some element of danger, no one ever said looking good all the time was easy).


So, if I still haven't won you over and convinced you of a Palazzo Pant purchase maybe some of my fave selections below will help you make that bold exciting leap into beautifully dressed legs. Here are my winners this season, you are seriously spoilt for choice! Do it!

I was the Tesco dream customer and shopped the advert whilst watching Britains Got Talent on a Saturday night. I saw them, loved them, loved that they are £16 and ordered them. One very happy customer.

Tropical Print Palazzo Pants with elasticated waist (Bonus!) £39.99, Zara


Floral Print Palazzo Pants, £40.00, River Island

Floral Print Palazzo Pants, £25.99, Zara

Peony Print Palazzo Pants, 100% Silk, Warehouse, £129

Tropical Print Palazzo Super Wide Pants, £29.99, Zara

Scarf Print Palazzo Pants, £38.00, River Island

Floral Print Palazzo Trousers, £49.00, Topshop

Shhhhhhhh, It's a secret! Hush!

Thursday 30th March, 2017

It just can't be a secret anymore but Hush has quite simply captured my heart! It's been sooooo long since I've looked at a brand and essentially felt I can buy the whole lot to fill my wardrobe and have the ultimate capsule range of clothes for the season ahead. Everything Hush has to offer is easy to wear, easy to mix up (even though they have already created some fab outfit combos for you) and so versatile.


This Embroidered Love Jumper is £69, so I'd be the first to admit its a bit pricey to my usual finds the the quality is so worth it and nothing you buy from here is gonna date, its sturdy wardrobe staples and your go to easy grabs when you don't know what to wear.

It just oozes such a relaxed feeling and will make you look so effortlessly stylish for so many different occasions, whether it be on the school run, lunch with the hubbie or shopping with friends.


If you've started to think about your glorious holibobs too then get online and take a look, literally your entire holiday wardrobe is covered as no one wants to get overdressed when on holiday, its too hot to faff about you just want to grab and go as time sipping refreshing cocktails is far well spent over having a dilema over what to wear. This beautiful silk/cotton blend Bath Devore Top, £89, will look great with shorts or chinos as well as these awesome boyfriend cut jeans, which I have purchased by the way and can recommend. A wardobe must for all.

....and Hush isn't afraid of a bit colour, this bright floral print Relaxed Trousers, £45, make a fab bold statement, everyone will be dying to ask you where they are from and again worn so simply with a tee and denim jacket! Easily put together, minimum effort, maximum style impact! Just what every women (especially those that hate shopping - yes they really do exist!) wants.


Sadly, Hush has no stores but they have a huge collection online and have just loaded some gorgeous new pieces for Spring, so what better way to spend your evening than with a glass of wine in hand, comfort of your own home whilst burning a well deserved and well needed hole in your pocket! Go on, check it out, I can guarentee you will buy something as it's all too gorgeous not to. Below are some of my faves, it was so hard not to just load the entire website! This is not good for my bank you go....indulge........ oh and to help heres the website,


Piper Dress, £59

Cotton Slub V Tee, £27

Striped Amie Joggers, £55

L/S Raglan Tee, £30

Sofia Striped Skirt, £55

Gold Star Slub V Tee, £35

Long harem, Trousers, £55

Byron Jacket, £75

Boyfriend Jeans, £75

Reversible Stella Jumper, £75

High Street Wedding Heaven!

Sunday 26th March, 2017


Everyone used to joke that if Primarni ever did wedding dresses then that's where I would get mine from as everyone who knows me, knows that I am incredibly proud of my bargains and have the ability at times to trick some into thinking I must spend a fortune on clothes, when in fact I am a bargain hunting, a never spend full price, charity shop searching Queen!!! Yes, I like to dress as the princess on a student budget and this gives me huge delight!


Well, I never did get that Primarni wedding dress and instead, thanks to my gorgeous, lovely, beautiful parents, I was blessed with a Stephanie Allin princess gown, but boy am I so excited that some of your super amazing and ever impressing high street stores now stock Wedding Dress ranges!


This is true folks and they are totally stunning. You can now look the princess you have always dreamed of without remortaging your house, without pleading with your parents to remortgage their house or without creating a divorce from your fiancee before you are even wed!!! It's no longer about conforming to the norm and instead mixing things up a bit to ensure your special day is unique in some way or another.


I recently read how a fellow blogger had chosen a vintage Vivienne Westwood dress over a traditional wedding dress and thought it sounded just beautiful and dreamy. There's also talk over whether the dress should even be white (maybe slightly more controversial but why not, it's your day!), I'm also loving the fact that so many brides are going for the midi length where those beautiful (yet usually crippling) sparkly numbers on your feet can actually be seen by everyone!


High street stores have been offering bridesmaid ranges for some time now so it wasn't going to be long before the wedding dress followed.


All this sunshine today got me thinking about the wedding season ahead and led me to browsing what the high street offers in terms of wedding dresses! Apart from marrying my hubbie (of course), the wedding dress hunt was just the best part of the wedding prep....its just a shame we only get to do it once......although with wedding prices becoming more high street prices maybe a vows renewel in the not to distant future is a justified spend??????? ;o)


So, whether wedding planning is about to commence for you or it's something you can share with a loved one, here's some of my faves..........

Whistles, The Juliet £699.00

Whistles, The Rose £599.00

ASOS, Trumpet Hem Maxi £200

ASOS, Long Sleeve Lace Mini £150

Monsoon, Verity Lace Bridal £349

No 1 Jenny Packham @ Debenhams £260

No 1 Jenny Packham @ Debenhams £40.00

No 1 Jenny Packham @ Debenhams £20.00

Jumpsuits! Me likey, me likey!

Sunday 19th March,2017


Ok, ok, I know they are a complete faff when you need to use the loo, but they are hugely on trend at the moment and when you find the right one they can look darn good! There's also that added bonus that you dont have to worry about what trousers go with that top or what top goes with those trousers, it's a ready made outfit!


When you put one on you will feel instantly glamourous and a bit special! I actually mean this for any event too...whether its the school heard me right, get that bad boy on for the school run with some super cool white comfy trainers (or flip flops when the temperature finally allows) or a glamourous night out with friends, the hubbie or work colleagues. Just through on those neck breaking heels, we all know they are a health & safety risk but they make you look like the towering model we all long to be! Dont forget you can adjust the leg lengths of jumpsuits depending on your footwear. Ankle exposure is all the rage right now and luckily turn ups are also a fab look so play with the leg length until you feel comfortable.


There's something about them that oozes fashion savviness, fashion confidence and damn right gorgeousness! It's a complete wardrobe statement piece and trust me, when you wear it your mates will comment, they will be immediately jealous of your bold decision to grab this trend by the horns and show the world you can rock it and work it and look hot!


To be honest this trend piece has been around for a few seasons now and its around to stay for some more so I reckon its time you hot footed it to the shops or got busy online and ordered yourself one ready for the week ahead.


I've been shopping around and I've bagged myself the Debenhams Red Herring cotton jumpsuit with embroidery...I tried it on in store the other week and never one to pay full price my patience has paid off and its just gone to 50% off! Amazeballs! On trend, looking cool and no bank account guilt! It's gorgeous...poppers so quick access for toilet stops, has a cute embroidery detail and a waist drawcord for giving me some shape. I'll be wearing mine with those fab Star Ash trainers and as soon as the sun shines my sandals will come out to immediately update the look!


Go daring...hunt around! Here's some of my favourite ones that may be worth checking out....enjoy!

Next, £50


I love this, the simplicity, the colour, the price! The short sleeve also means it'll live into the warmer days of spring too.

Red Herring (Debenhams, £20 (was £40)


This was my purchase, its on it's way to me so will shoot myself in it soon but its really flattering and the poppers make it so easy to pop on and pop off. Such a bargain price too! I may wear it with a chunky necklace just to glam it up a bit!

New Look, £22.99


This one is a definately evening choice and with heels will look fab whatever your height. The ankles and calfs on show will ooze sex appeal and the colour is fab! Again the price makes this so guilt free!

Topshop, £32


Love, love, love, this is going on my wish list for the summer! With sandals or flip flops this will look fab on a day out with friends or a day trip with the kids. You will be the coolest mum! The print will hide all those things you want to disguise too as it totally distracts! I would team this with a chunky necklace and denim jacket.

H&M, £39.99


This is so similar to the Next jumpsuit but if you are more inclines to cover your arms this this is a good alternative! Look at fab it still looks with trainers! Yipee, comfy feet!

Rocha. John Rocha (Debenhams), £24.50 (Was £49)


This jumpsuit just oozes glamour. I still think it translates well as a daytime and evening outfit. Heels for glamour but again, trainers or flat sandals will look just as good for a day time dressed down look.

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